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SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Our scientists and experts provide mankind with knowledge about Earth’s atmosphere and the evolution of the universe.


We marvel at the cosmos and about the earth and its atmosphere. We want to find answers to questions about the earth and the universe that are relevant to mankind, and we do so with the help of our talented employees. We nurture talent and team spirit, and we value a healthy work-life balance.

Why work at SRON?

  • We work together on socially and scientifically relevant revelations at a high level in an international and innovative environment.
  • You will be offered extensive development opportunities and working conditions. We offer a lot of freedom and opportunities to harmonise your private and professional life.
  • You will work in an organisation with respectful and passionate colleagues of all nationalities in well-equipped and modern labs and offices in lively locations in Leiden and Groningen.


We offer

  • personal development and training
  • 42 vacation days
  • homeworking opportunities
  • good parental leave scheme
  • good work-life balance
  • good pension provision
  • year-end bonus

More Working at SRON

Our teams

Astrophysics Science Programme

Our astrophysicists unravel the history of the universe, from the first stars and black holes to large-scale structure. For this purpose, they are also developing new space instruments and algorithms to interpret their data.

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Exoplanets Science Programme

Our exoplanetary scientists study the evolution and formation of planets beyond our solar system, their habitability and possibilities for life. For this purpose, they are also developing new space instruments and algorithms to interpret their data.

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Mari Martinez Velarte, Postdoctoral Scientist in SRON Earth Group

Earth Science Programme

The scientists in our Earth programme aim to better understand the Earth’s climate and air quality. They are looking at the role of greenhouse gases and aerosols in the atmosphere. For this purpose, they are developing new space instruments and algorithms to interpret their data.

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Technology Science Programme

The scientist in our Technology programme develop groundbreaking, enabling technologies. The technologies allow for breakthrough in the study of the Earth’s atmosphere, enable the characterization of exoplanets, and support astrophysics from the X-ray to the infrared.

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Instrument Science Group

The researchers in our Instrument Science group combine all knowledge of instrument physics, such as optics, lithography and cryogenic systems, with expertise in systems engineering and project management. They turn technological breakthroughs into new space instruments.

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Engineering Group

Our technicians and engineers guarantee the extremely high quality required in space. We can count on them for the high end mechanical, electrical and software design and the realisation of the instruments and setups within our programs.

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General Support

General Support Group

Our General Support Group includes all teams whose people enable our scientists and experts to achieve our mission. The teams are our secretariats, Housing & Facility, ICT, Human Resources, Finance & Control, Project Office and Communication & Media Relations.

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Niels Bohrweg 4, 2333 CA Leiden, +31 88777 5600

Welcome to SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, at the Leiden Bio Science Park in Leiden.

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Landleven 12, 9747 AD Groningen, T +31 50363 4074

Welcome to SRON Groningen. Will you be one of us by the time we move to the brand new labs, clean rooms and offices in the Feringa building, the new Faculty of Technology and Sciences of the University of Groningen?

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“Workplace Pride is a not for profit foundation dedicated to improving the lives of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Intersex (LGBTI) people in workplaces worldwide. We strive for a world of inclusive workplaces where LGBTI people can truly be themselves, are valued and, through their contributions, help to lead the way for others.”

Lorenza Ferrari

“I am happy to work at SRON. SRON lets you follow your ambitions and develop yourself, in the direction and in the way you choose and supports that. It is an organization that allows you to find a good balance between work and family.”

Lorenza Ferrari, head of section Instrument Science Cryo Groningen (more)
Photo: Academic Stories

Gerrit Boer

“I have been working at SRON since 2016 for 20 hours a week. My housekeeper’s job fits me like a glove. Refurbishing things, Running check-up rounds, the variety and the nice colleagues, that all fits me well.

I became ill 13 years ago, and as a result I was declared unfit for work for 50%. Fortunately, I can accomplish my 20 hours here very well, and with a lot of pleasure.

Gerrit Boer, Housing & Facility employee
Photo: Mark Leeman


Sander van Loon and Nathalie Gorter

“Once hardware flies, it has to be 100% good. After it’s launched, we can’t reach it anymore. In our jobs, we need to keep each other on edge at all times.” 

Sander van Loon,

research instrumentmaker & flighthardware assembler

Nathalie Gorter,

quality controller

Photo: Mark Leeman

Jelle de Plaa

“As a child, I was fascinated by exotic worlds. Apart from strange landscapes, dinosaurs and life under water, especially the starry sky stimulated my imagination.

Now, as an astronomer, I study the largest structures in the universe and the black holes that blow bubbles into them. I use special space telescopes for this purpose, but once started looking at stars with a telescope from the back garden”.


Jelle de Plaa, Astrophysicist
Photo: SRON

Henk van Weers

“I really wanted a job in which I could stay involved in what I design from start to finish. To experience the development of a space instrument from the drawing board to the launch, and then even the data analysis, that’s unique”.

Henk van Weers, Mechanical Design Engineer (more)
Photo: Karlijn Meinders, BNR Nieuwsradio

Zhenlin Zhu

“SRON provides a nice working environment and gives a lot of support to PhD students to help start their career. As a second-year PhD in the Astrophysics group, I enjoy my research about the large scale structures of our universe and I especially appreciate the close collaborations with my colleagues.”

Zhenlin Zhu, PhD fellow
Photo: SRON

Deepak Eappachen

“It is fascinating to observe exotic astrophysical phenomena that appear as transients in the sky, using the world’s best telescopes. SRON provides a great place to work, excellent colleagues and an opportunity to push our collective understanding of the cosmos”

Deepak Eappachen, PhD Fellow
Photo: Glenn-Michael Oomen

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