Our location in urban Holland

SRON in Leiden

Niels Bohrweg 4, 2333 CA Leiden, T +31 88777 5600

Welcome to SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research at the Leiden Bio Science Park in Leiden.

Leiden is the place of employment for approximately three-quarters of our 200-strong workforce. Here we collaborate to do science with partners such as universities, other organisations and the business community. You will find modern cleanrooms, laboratories, offices and meeting rooms.

Design: Ector Hoogstad Architects, engineering firm Deerns, engineering firm Peutz and Pieters Bouwtechniek.

Please note that parking takes about 10 minutes. Until the new parking facility of Leiden University on the campus is ready, we ask visitors to park according to the following procedure:


  • Halt next to the main entrance with blink lights on.
  • Collect a parking card at the SRON reception.
  • Park at the temporary parking lot of Leiden University (indicated on the map).
  • Return the parking card to the reception. When leaving the parking lot, the gate automatically opens without a card.