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SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research
Would you like to meet passionate specialists from all over the world, in a fascinating mix of science and technology? Do an internship or graduate at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research.

All groups at SRON regularly offer internships and graduation projects for students from Dutch universities or students with an EU nationality. Students in, for example, astronomy, physics, earth sciences and engineering, as well as HBO students in related disciplines are cordially invited to contact us. This can be done via the application form on our corporate site. (You are now on

“We are working on new ways to use space technology to push the boundaries of what we can know. Anything you research, design or make with us will help us take that one step further. You can learn from people who are extraordinarily good at exceptional things, and you can gain experience with special machines, techniques and computer programs. We are happy to give you a serious assignment that will also put your independence to the test”.

Peter Paul Kooijman

Manager Mechanical Engineering

During my internship in the Earth program at SRON, I researched methane emissions from large emitters. Through analysis of TROPOMI data, we located large methane sources worldwide.
My internship worked out so well that I also did my thesis project at SRON, this time on localization of carbon monoxide sources. Because I already had internship experience, I was able to work a lot more efficiently during my graduation project. I can definitely recommend the combination.
The supervision at SRON was extremely good, I received daily feedback and could always ask my supervisor questions. What appealed to me most was the social relevance of the projects. Part of my internship assignment was later published, a publication I also had the opportunity to work on. All in all, a great experience.

Lodewijck Foorthuis